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Frequently Asked Questions & Feedbacks

Can pH Stabilizer/Booster be used along with organic chemical fertilizers simultaneously?

Ans: Yes, unlike Calcium oxide which when used should be given a 15 days gap before putting other fertilizers, pH Stabilizer and fertilizers can be used together

Is pH Stabilizer a manure?

Ans : No, its not a manure, but a soil conditioner which balances the pH value of soil to 6-7 (base)

What is the most recommended manure for vegetable cultivation (small and large scale)?

Agrozyme for large scale and Agrozyme plus for small scale cultivation.

Is your products available online?

Yes, contact us through our website and you'll be followed up for your orders

Is there any starting limit for door delivery service?

Yes, for orders above INR 500, door delivery service is available with delivery charges applicable For online orders below INR 500 items would be parceled with parcel charges applicable

Is there any organic fungicide available?

Yes, we do recommend Cure Plus as an effective organic fungicide
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